Cancer Resilience Coaching Program

Resilience is the capacity to prepare for,  recover from and adapt in the face of  stress, challenges and adversity. 

Navigating the cancer diagnosis, medical care and especially the aftermath from dealing with all the turmoil can be draining, depleting and often depressing.  The physical, emotional, mental, financial pressures are intense.  There is a complicated dance of juggling: How can I take care of myself? Continue with my life and livelihood?  Feel empowered to make wise decisions in the midst of all the stresses and doctors appointments?  And ironically the toughest part of the journey is often when the rush of treatment subsides, everyone assumes you have it all handled and you hit the “Now What” stage.  In many instances energy levels and priorities have shifted and what used to feel important no longer is.

How do I stay resilient, sustain my energy and find new meaning in my post cancer life? How can I shift from surviving to thriving in this new era?

If you are grappling with these questions, then The Cancer Resilience Coaching Program is for you.


  • Customized HeartMath Resilience Advantage™ coaching, Guidebook and Inner Balance technology for real time biofeedback
  • Exploration of your life purpose
  • Practical steps, tools and techniques to stay healthy post treatment
  • The wisdom gained from having walked this journey myself

Coaching can be done in private one on one sessions in person, or on the phone or Skype.   Small group programs are also available.