Elite performance as an individual requires that you bring your “A” game consistently to your work and your life.  To operate with optimal effectiveness in a rapidly changing business climate and to lead in a high risk environment requires the ability to focus, be in the flow, process information quickly and make fast, impactful decisions in challenging situations.  It also necessitates tapping into “on the move” innovation and problem solving while staying resilient and agile over the long haul.

  • Would you like more energy at the end of the day?
  • Would you like an increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations?
  • Can you use some support in your ability to focus, process information and solve problems?
  • Would enhanced situational awareness in meetings, relationships and projects be of value?
  • Can heightened creativity and innovation give you and your company a competitive edge?
  • Would increased vitality, resilience and regenerative sleep be beneficial?
  • Are you ready to sustain your “A” game no matter what challenges life throws at you?
  • Are you already successful, but sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and obligations you have on your plate both personally and professionally?

Clients Include:

  • Leaders desiring to take their influence and impact to the next level
  • Wealth managers, executives and attorneys
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals ready to optimize peak performance
  • Individuals making important decisions in business and life 


Sandy Travis is brilliant, inspiring, skilled and, in my view, a wonder. Her insightful coaching has changed my life. I have found in HeartMath an ideal spiritual practice for growing in consciousness and I have found in Sandy a wise guide to show me the way. I highly recommend her to anyone called to dream big and live large. Every leader needs an executive coach and Sandy has been invaluable as mine!

P.M. —Senior Minister, Unity Renaissance Spiritual Life Center, Chesapeake, Virginia

I have worked with Sandy Travis as an Executive Coach for several years now, and for the last six months have had the opportunity to explore with her and be mentored in the HeartMath System. I have experienced noticeable results, both professionally and personally. Ultimately, my work with Sandy and HeartMath has helped me to expand my experience of what real “coherence” is about and how that coherence can facilitate multiple results including enhanced performance and problem solving and a greater sense of fulfillment and personal balance. I would highly recommend Sandy for any executive looking for a means of maintaining peak performance while enabling one’s self to find balance and joy even in the midst of personal stressors.

K.T. —CEO, International Not for Profit

HeartMath has given me the ability to step back from problems, identify the emotions driving them and immediately address the situation in more productive ways. This shift is a result of my coaching with Sandy. She is a gentle yet persistent coach. She listens to truly understand, and rather than telling you what she thinks she guides you to your own realizations through powerful coaching questions. Sandy is passionate about her work to help others reach their highest potential in all aspects of their life. Having Sandy as a coach has truly changed my life for the better!

S.H. —Public Relations and Communications Executive

Working in the corporate world of IT Program Management, situations and expectations are dynamic, fast-paced and not always clearly defined.  Being able to remain calm and centered in the midst of highly charged situations can be a challenge, with stress and tension taking quite a toll on my ability to focus and be productive.  I originally engaged Sandy as a coach to gain some tools to reduce the stress and anxiety related to these work situations, to learn to replace my response to stress with more positive mechanisms.  To my delight, the benefits have gone far beyond influencing effectiveness in work situations, extending to personal relationships and physical wellbeing.  In 3 short months, by learning to focus and align breathing patterns to cardiovascular activity and thought processes, I have seen a marked increase in clarity of thought and performance effectiveness, as well as a consistent reduction in blood pressure and physical resilience (verified by my most recent annual health exam).  The most valuable aspect of Sandy’s training, development and coaching is her ability to tie concepts to real-life situations and tactics.  This training and coaching could not have come at a better time, as my company and I have just entered an intense transition period with a multi-national technology company.  Sandy’s input and guidance have strongly enhanced my ability to lead the negotiation and project teams to a successful resolution.

A.S.B. —International IT Program Manager

Sandy has been talking to me about HeartMath for probably 10 years or more. For whatever reasons, I felt that the time was never right – until now. My regret is having waited so long. I look forward to starting my day with the sessions and I’m actually willing to get up half an hour earlier every morning to do them! I am so grateful for Sandy’s assistance as a mentor and coach! With her assistance, I have found ways to incorporate HeartMath into my day in general, and to utilize it in times of actual or potential stress in both my personal and professional life. Although I probably could have figured out the basics on my own, her encouragement, advice, and strategies were invaluable and key to my success. I found that she listened without judgment, offered practical suggestions along with encouragement, and was totally there for me, supporting me every step of the way. I wholeheartedly recommend Sandy as a mentor and coach.

C.G. —Entrepreneur